If you’ve been putting off getting the oil changed in your vehicle, wait no longer. Your engine is reliant on clean, fresh oil to continue running smoothly for years to come, and every time you drive with old, dirty oil in your engine you are causing damage that can’t be reversed. Rather than shorten the life of your engine, schedule your oil change appointment at Clark Crain Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, where our expert service center technicians will give your vehicle the oil change it needs to keep running smoothly.

Why Oil Changes are So Important

You might think that we’re exaggerating when we say that driving with engine oil that is too old is detrimental to the health of your engine, but consider for a moment how your engine works to keep you moving.

Inside your engine, air and fuel mix together and are ignited by a spark inside your cylinder that pushes down the metal piston, turning the crankshaft. Getting that crankshaft moving is what turns the gears in your transmission and ultimate the wheels, providing the power need to move your vehicle.

That entire combustion process involves a small explosion causing a metal piston to slide down a metal cylinder, while the piston connecting rod swivels in a circular motion to move the crankshaft. In short, that is a lot of metal parts working together at incredible rates of speed, all assisted by small explosions thousands of times per minute. That process creates massive amounts of both heat and friction, and your engine oil is a key component to keeping all of those factors in check.

As oil moves through your engine, it coats your pistons, shafts, seals, bearings, and connecting rods with a lubricating layer that prevents direct metal-on-metal contact. This helps reduce damage from friction and also prevents the immense heat build up that would occur from direct contact as well. Your engine oil even helps dissipate heat inside your engine as it flows from the hottest point, into the oil pan, and then back through again thanks to the oil pump.

However, as your oil is heated and agitated inside your engine, it will slowly become thinner and thinner. That thinning will also come with a drop in viscosity, or the ability for it to lubricate engine parts. Because it can no longer coat engine parts properly, you risk the damaging metal-on-metal contact that engine oil is designed to prevent, causing excessive and premature wear that can destroy even a brand-new engine.

In addition, your oil filter has the job of filtering out dirt and other particles that make their way into your engine. As this filter becomes clogged, it loses its ability to keep contaminants out of your oil, and these contaminants can eventually plug critical passageways, preventing oil from reaching certain areas of your engine. Once again this will result in damaging friction since those parts will no longer be lubricated properly.

Visit Our Service Center for Your Oil Change Today!

Now that you understand a bit more about just how important oil changes are for your engine, is it time for you and your vehicle to pay us a visit? If you schedule your oil change appointment ahead of time we can guarantee you’ll be in and out in less than one hour, but we also accept walk-ins whenever possible. Either way, have your oil and filter changed by trained technicians that know exactly what your vehicle needs, and give yourself and your engine the chance to live a long and happy life together.

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